(Tobacco) Health or Hell? —- The Choice Is Yours!

They say that use of tobacco is a craving which is hard-hitting to do away with; despite the fact that it is perilous to your health; the habit often becomes second nature for those of you who have faith in the adage ‘habits die hard’.
Usually, the tobacco users are hard-pressed by psychosomatic and disturbing influences; so just like misusers of drugs, they usually fail to remember the accurate number of times they burn their hard-earned money in the form of cigarettes or cigars.

Tobacco holds a chemical known as nicotine which is enslaving in nature. Additionally, it holds numerous carcinogenic chemicals which consist of tar.The latter is the incompletely ignited unprocessed stuff produced by the smoldering of tobacco in the action of smoking.

How does smoking harm an individual?

Well! To cut the long story short, just remember that as soon as you breathe in the cigarette smoke, it slips away through the mouth to the lungs. As a consequence, the respiratory systems as well as the circulatory system are the main zones of the body to get influenced by the cigarette smoke.

While smoking tobacco, you tend to breathe in oxygen and nicotine into your lungs. The latter then convey the nicotine and oxygen to your bloodstream. Nicotine has the tendency to keep a tight rein on the blood vessels and veins and drastically decreases their efficiency to transport blood with sustenance and oxygen to the entire body.

Let’s enumerate the harmful effects of tobacco:

  • It troubles almost all organs of the body
  • Brings about many maladies and lessens the general well-being of tobacco consumer
  • Is the topmost cause of stoppable deaths worldwide
  • Initiates the following ailments:
  1. Those of the larynx (a cylinder shaped organ in the neck that contains the vocal cords) and the mouth.
  2. The stink of the breath of a smoker as well as the yellow discoloration of teeth due to nicotine in addition to the damage/deterioration of his/her gums are the tell tale signs of smoking.
  3. Smoking is one of the prime sources of premature tooth staining and corrosion.
  4. Those of the heart (e, g, peripheral vascular disease, hypertension, strokes, and heartattacks)
  5. Those of lungs (long-standing bronchitis, emphysema, bronchial asthma, lung cancer etc)
  6. Malignancy of the mouth, throat, stomach, pancreas,kidneys,urinary bladder are also attributed to the usage of tobacco
  7. Erectile dysfunction or Impotence in males
  8. Pregnant females who smoke tobacco are likely to put up with miscarriage or cause permanent damage to fetus.
  9. Offspring born to smoking mothers have lesser birth weights. These kids have an elevated hazard of asthma, breathing troubles and long-standing ear infectivity from the time they are born.
  10. Loss of sight, linked with age.
  11. Untimely creasing of skin

It may not be out of place to mention here that cigarettes vended in the third world countries are likely to have an excessive stuffing of tar and are not as much purified(filtered) hence are much more dangerous than those in the advanced countries. Additionally, second hand smoke (ecological tobacco smoke) instigates unfavorable health effects in individuals belonging to all age groups.

If you have any questions regarding hazards of tobacco, please do ask our online doctor.